When The Social Media Statuses Helped People

Social Media is a great platform, and you may have heard this statement many times. Today we will share a few stories with you when the Social Media helped people in many ways. People use Social Media platforms for several reasons. They want to stay connected with what is happening all around. People use popular Social Media platforms for the Business purposes and Buy Instagram Followers as well. You can use Social Media to boost your Business, but you need to make plans and implement winning strategies for this. So let’s read the stories of people who used Social Media platforms that helped them a lot.

Burger king baby reunion:

We have already discussed the role of Social Media platforms in boosting Business. We know the companies Buy Instagram Followers etc. to accelerate the pace of their progress. But today we will discuss Social Media from a different perspective.

You see people posting images and statuses all the day. You wonder why people like to share their emotions and activities on Social Media. In fact, many people think it is just a waste of time. But have you ever heard that these statuses could help someone reuniting with the family member?

Having parents is indeed a blessing. Think of the person whose mother left him/her after a few months of his/her birth. Katheryn Deprill shared a post on Facebook in which she said that she wants to reunite with her mother who left her in Burger King bathroom. She was only a few hours old at that time. Her post was shared more than 33000 times.

Her mother saw the post:

Fortunately, Katheryn Deprill saw the post and contacted her attorney to arrange a reunion with her child. Katheryn met her mother. She said that her mother left her somewhere where she knew that someone would find me. She did not want to throw me.

Well, whatever the story was the Social Media helped the girl meet her mother who abandoned her when she was a few hours old. We can say that the Social Media helps people in many ways.

Final verdict:

The story we have discussed above is not the only story how Social Media changed people’s lives. It has helped many people in reuniting with their family members. Many people found their siblings on Social Media. Some people met with their biological parents who left them due to certain reasons. After hearing and reading all these stories, we can say that the Social Media is indeed an efficient platform that has played a significant role in changing people’s lives.

It is not just about to upload a status and use Hashtags. In fact, the Social Media is more than that. You should use Social Media positively. Indeed, there are many scammers as well on popular Social Media platforms so beware of them. Do not let them fool you. Teach your children to stay away from cyberbullying as it is a crime.

Reference :activeig.com