Month: June 2018

How to begin a career in pharmacy

It would be on expected lines that healthcare jobs would grow. The future of this industry does look rosy. Phoenix pharmacy Phoenix AZ experts feel that this is a much sought out industry. So it does prove the fact that this would be a career where you need to make a foray. Both in the short term and long term the career happens to be stable. Here you would have an idea on how to make a career in pharmacy tech. Now let us get to the details of how to make a career in this domain.

The role of the pharmacy techs

As a pharmacy tech, your duty would extend to a variety of domain. You need to be in a lot of venues at the same time. You can find them in retail stores. But their presence in military stores, hospitals is also seen. In some cases, you may need to audit and place claims as well. Under the direction of a pharmacist, most of them tend to work. You can say that their role would be on similar lines to a pharmacist. You need to have a sound knowledge of the working operations. They have a variety of jobs. They do enter the data into the system and then compile reports. In some cases, they would need to attend phone calls as well. In addition, there are countless duties which they would need to be part of as well.

They do not work too much in a pharmacy. But they can go on to perform most of the duties there. You cannot expect them to roll out a lot of advice on medication. Do not expect a lot of advice from them as well. In some cases, you can say that their advice would be more than valuable. They can guide a customer on where to find the medicines. They would also help you to read words that are on the packages as well. But there would be a catch here. They do not personally prescribe a drug to anyone. If you go on to evaluate their overall goal it would be to assist the customers and helping them out. Not only can you expect them to be accurate. But they need to possess a friendly attitude at the same time as well.

The skill sets

You would need to pass a PTCB exam in order to become a pharmacist. Most of the states to consider the fact that it would be of paramount importance. You need a score of 650 out of 900 in order to clear the exam. You could ask the opinion of people who have gone on to pass the exam. Do not get into the exam mode straight away. Do a lot of preparation; before you think that you have gone on to have knowledge of the subjects.

In terms of the salary, it would boil down to the geographical location where you reside.